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Our Approach


The Christian values present in our activites are rooted in the importance we place on hard-work, solidarity, service, human virtues, respect for freedom, trust, friendship, and the importance of having parents as our partners. 


The spiritual activities are entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church.

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Personalized Formation 


We believe every young women is unique and is the protagonist of her own story. Our aim is for each girl to perform the best she can in school, in her various extracurricular activities, and in everything she does, through the exercise of virtues and the development of a social conscience.


We help young women develop their own life's project and to put it into practice with freedom and responsibility. We believe that helping them grow in freedom is key to their development in virtues.


Each young women has the opportunity for personal mentoring. The Mentoring Program serves as the cornerstone of Crestwell’s clubs. Parents are encouraged to work alongside mentors in the formation of their daughters. 


Our mentors are experienced, female role-models.  In one-on-one sessions mentors help club members tie together all the educational aspects of the activities: workshops, practice of virtues, spiritual needs, etc. 

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