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Crestwell has a wide range of activities and clubs available to students. In an atmosphere of friendship and optimism, students can explore the intellectual, professional, cultural and spiritual dimensions of day to day life. 

The Christian values present in our activites are rooted in the importance we place on hard-work, solidarity, service, human virtues, respect for freedom, trust, friendship, and the importance of having parents as our partner.


Spiritual programs are entrusted to Opus Dei, a Prelature of the Catholic Church, which aims to help ordinary people seek holiness in their study and daily work, and through their family and social commitments.

To learn more about Opus Dei, visit: 

Our sponsor Headford Cultural Group is a registered charity that fosters the education of women of all ages and backgrounds in order to promote their unique influence in shaping society, through their family life, professional work, and community involvement. HCG's  activities in Vancouver are carried out through the Crestwell Study Centre. All spiritual activities are entrusted to Opus Dei. 

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