Crestwell Art of Living Activity


For girls in grades 6 & 7

Saturdays 2:30pm - 5:30pm


CALA is dedicated to helping girls to make a difference in our society through the power of service.


The club provides a mentorship program that helps girls in their personal growth, leadership, and character building.


This year's theme: Loyalty



Wk 1-3: Baking / Arts and crafts

Wk 4: Visit to the seniors, movie & pizza

For more information email:

Registration Fees

Whole Year: $80

October- January: $40

February-May: $40

Drop-in: $5

Email registrations to

Please note: a signed copy of the form must be given to the club leader: this can be given in person, by mail, or scanned to the email. Thank you!

Mailing address:

3637 Angus Drive 

Vancouver BC

V6J 4H4

 2017 created by Crestwell Study Centre