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On May 22nd, the Crestwell Study Centre hosted an original revue show containing several forms of theatre all rolled into a one-night only performance at Little Flower Academy! There were over 120 people in attendance and the proceeds from the event benefit bursaries for the Crestwell Leadership Camp: IGNITE 2015. 

Synopsis: Angela is an indifferent young woman who moves to Vancouver to study at UBC and is intent on being completely alone. That is until she receives a package from her grandmother full of books that sends her on a wild journey into "book world" with the help of Mark, the bookmark.

On the journey she encounters Greek philosophers, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, Glenda the Good Witch & Wicked Witch of the West, Poetic Masters as well as The little Prince and the Fox. With the help of her "new friends" Angela slowly begins to learn some important lessons on the meaning and beauty of friendship. 

Full Video 
Coming Soon

From February 6-9, I went, along with either other girls, to a Study Weekend, in White Rock. There, we participated in many exciting activities. Including watching the [CBC] series “Emma”, listening to well-written talks about procrastination and filming videos for our upcoming revue show. On Saturday and Sunday night, we volunteered at an organization called, Night Shift. At Night Shift we gave supplies to people in need, while talking and encouraging them. All of us that went to the Study Weekend, will go home with lots of enjoyable memories that we will never forget.

- Gr. 7 Student & DASH Club Member

Study Weekend - Guest Entry

Short clip of us helping out at Night Shift! 

A huge 'thank you' to everyone who came out to help! There were about over 120 people who came to enjoy Crestwell's Open House for dinner, carnival games and to learn all about the different clubs and activities we offer. We had a blast and we're looking forward to the semester ahead with all of you!  (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS BELOW TO VIEW) 

Phae, Meiko & Coeli hanging the sign
Phae & Meiko preparing the sign
The girls lined up for food!
The girls hanging out on the grass
Celebrating the September Birthdays!
DJ Booth

Harrison Lake Retreat Weekend 

Harrison Lake,  August 29th - September 1st 2014


We hosted a group of 9 amazing young women on silent retreat at Harrison Lake. They enjoyed meditations with a priest, classes, talks and time for personal for personal reflection in front of the blessed sacrament and mentoring.

<< The photo on the left is of the group reflecting by the lake. 


Crestwell Leadership Camp - Brave 2014

Camp Charis, August 9-14, 2014


Once again the Crestwell Leadership Camp went down without a hitch! This year we had 61 campers and 11 staff members. We enjoyed Workshops, Games, Team Building Activites, a Talent Show & so much more!

Enjoy this video of our Brave Camp memories.....                                                 Find More at: 


Little Flower Academy's stage
The audience applauding presenters
Anna Park doing her presentation
Izzy doing her presentation
Our videographers hard at work
Susana getting philosophical
Tara Mayer on History of Fashion
Audience laughing at a joke
Young women enjoying the conference
140 Young Women from all over!
Susana Christansen
Audience members enjoying

Be-YOU-tiful Conference

Little Flower Academy, May 23, 2014


All semester the DASH & Active-8 girls have been hard at work preparing a stellar conference for girls of all ages! The clubs split themselves into three committees: Research & Presentation, Logistsics & Bookings, and Sponsorship & Promotions. With the group divided into their specific teams, they were able to conquer this major endeavour as they explored the true meaning of BEAUTY!

There were over 140 girls from all over the lower-mainland, along with some of their parents, and friends in attendance.

*Click on the photos to the LEFT view shots by photographer Amy Dumas!

* Video Highlights Below... 

Christmas Play "God's Nativity Scene" 

CCC December 2013

The DASH & Active-8 girls club worked all semester long on a fabulous Christmas play adapted from the novel, God's Nativity Scene. The book was written by Enrique Monasterio and then was translated into English by Catherine Gay. 

Cami Castro, one of the leaders of the DASH & Active-8 group transcribed the script, originally in spanish, into english for the club to perform to family & friends during the Christmas Triduum. 

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